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The conference will take place at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano.



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Guide to Lugano

  • Getting to Lugano

Swiss Air fly to Lugano airport from Geneva and Zurich. There are flights from London and many US cities that route to Lugano via Zurich. The Lugano airport is small and only about 10 minutes drive from the city. You can get a taxi from there to the hotel and there’s also a shuttle bus. Useful websites: and

The closest international airport is Milan Malpensa. Most major airlines fly into Malpensa. It’s also an Easyjet hub with cheap flights from London Gatwick, London Luton, Edinburgh, Berlin, Stuttgart. From Malpensa it is an hour’s drive to Lugano. There are three shuttle bus services that leave regularly from the airport terminal.,, All of these buses stop at Lugano station which is a 5 minute walk from the Federale.

  • Staying in Lugano

For the conference, we have secured discounted rates at two hotels in Lugano:

If you are interested in taking advantage of the discount, would like to share a room with another conference participant, or would like information about possible accommodation in the dorms at Franklin itself, please email the conference organisers for more information.

  • Places to eat

Ana Capri

This restaurant is opposite the station with a fantastic view over the city and the lake.

Osteria Penel

A neighbourhood bistro that serves very good local ticinese food. It’s at 25 Via Moncucco.


A pizzeria right by Franklin University’s Main campus at 28 Via Ponte Tresa. Basically walk up the hill, past both college campuses, and then you’ll find the Giardino on the right hand side, by the road junction that leads up to Gentillino (it’s the route we walked down to campus from Montagnolga). It’s a more casual place.


A friendly pizza place right in the centre of town. Here is their website with directions: There is a main restaurant and also a pizza bar.


There are quite a few little grottos in Gentillino and Montagnola (up the hill, past Franklin). Perhaps the best of these is the Osteria Bellavista. Here is their website, with directions. You can take the yellow post bus there and back from outside the university.


Good for breakfast, a snack lunch or quick dinner. It is the café bar of the supermarket Manor (which is sort of like the Swiss M&S) and is situated on the steps leading up the hill from the supermarket.

Café alla Porto

This is a café/cake shop right in the centre of town, near the funiculare stop.

There are, of course, dozens of other restaurants. I recommend avoiding the ones in the main square which tend to be a bit expensive and not that great, but otherwise the food is generally reliably good. Some places that I’ve heard are good but never tried include: Trani (on the hill down to town) and La Perla (on the lake). You might also want to check out Trip Advisor’s page of recommendations:

  • Places to shop

The three supermarkets in the town centre are Manor, Coop, and Migros. They are all open every day until 6:30 or 7 pm, late on Thursdays. They are all shut on Sundays. There is a little supermarket right by the train station called Picobello that is open until 10 pm every day so is good for emergencies.

  • Things to do


There are two main lidos. The main one is by the Parco Civico, near the main town square. There is a big swimming pool there as well as a lakeside swimming area. My favourite lido, however, is the floating lido, or lido Riva Caccia, in Paradiso. Walk along the lake in the opposite direction to the park and you can’t miss it. You can swim if you pay 3 francs, but if you just want to sit and have a drink and a snack, entrance is free. It’s always very relaxed and you get a beautiful view of the lake.


Behind Franklin University, you will find a little lake called Lago di Muzzano. You can get to it by walking up the college and then turning right down the hill after the Giardino restaurant, or by walking the back way down the hill from Osteria Penel. It’s a nice place for a walk. You can follow a track that takes you up a steep flight of steps through little vineyards, all the way up to the little village of Muzzano and you get a lovely view.

Another good walk is the one to Gandria. From central Lugano, you walk through the parco civico, cross the river and then keep walking. You will go through the village/suburb of Castagnola and then follow the signs to the olive trail to Gandria. It’s a couple of hours one way. I suggest taking the boat one way and walking the other. Here is a website with more detailed directions.

If you go up to Monte Bre, you will find lots of walking options. You can take the funi up or the bus. The bus runs every hour from a stop by on the corner of Via della Posta and the lakefront. Here is a link to the bus schedule: If you take the funi up the mountain, I recommend making the walk to the village (the bus goes straight to the village). It’s an artist retreat so there are lots of interesting art pieces to see. There is also a nice grotto to eat at. It’s the only one in the village so you can’t miss it. From Bre, the Monta Boglio trail is a nice one, about 2 hours each way, with the possibility of taking a further extended trail for another couple of hours. Once you get to the top of Monta Boglio there is another Grotto and sometimes a little old man who sells homemade cheese.

The mountain on the other side of town is San Salvatore. It’s worth going up for the amazing view from the view of the little church at the top of the mountain. You get to there by going to Paradiso station (either walk or take the train one stop) and following the sides to walk or take the funi. The walk up the mountain takes about 3 hours. The funi takes 12 minutes. There is a lovely, not too tough hike down San Salvatore to Morcote. It should take you about 3 hours and from Morcote you can take a boat back to Lugano.

  • Further afield

Ponte Tresa Market

The market is every Saturday. To get to the market you need to take the FLP train from Lugano station. This isn’t the main line, but the little line right by Ana Capri. The train takes about 25 minutes to get to Ponte Tresa. You get off the train and walk through the Swiss side of the village, across the bridge, and into Italy. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk from the station to the market which is along the river bank on the Italian side. There are also some nice little shops in the town which sell wine, pasta, olive oil, etc.


This town is a 25 minute train ride from Lugano. Trains are very frequent. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site with four castles at each corner of the town. You can walk around the castles and there is also a very good market on Saturdays. If you are in Bellinzona for the day you might consider staying for a meal—there are lots of nice restaurants in the town centre.


Only a 30 minute train ride away. The trains will go through Chiasso (the border) and check before you buy the ticket that you don’t have to change there. In Como, the duomo is lovely and it’s nice just to wander the streets, and eat or drink. The food there is supposed to be generally very good and much cheaper than Lugano.


This little town is halfway between Como and Lugano. It’s very pretty and right in the wine region. People recommend it for wine tasting and there is also a micro brewery.